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I have been a semi -professional photographer for more than a decade. I love working with models of all experience levels in the pursuit of improving both our portfolios in any or all of the following areas:.

With the arrival of every holiday of the year there is always inspiration for a fun and sexy shoot.  I want to have a different model for every holiday to create a holiday themed calendar for possible publication. 

The basic portfolio shoot involves shooting in front of a colored backdrop.  We would shoot several different outfits in each of the model's areas of interest, such as fashion in this case.

Three beautiful models, big beers, big cigars and big cards.  What better formula could you have for a fun, playful and sexy photo-shoot. Truth be told the models had much more fun than I did.

Each year for the past ten or so years I have done a Christmas themed shoot.  Each year it's gotten bigger and better and this year promises to be the biggest and best of all time!!!

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Christmas themed shoot

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Increasing Portfolio Diversity - I'm looking for fresh ethnic faces to update my portfolio in the areas of casual, fashion, lingerie, swimwear, artistic nude and glamour nude.  In particular I'm looking for models with Hispanic, Asian, Black, Indian and Middle Eastern looks. 

If you are  interested in this paid work click here. 

Holiday Calendar Shoot- I have done shoots of this nature with two previous models.  Eventually I am planning on producing a calendar with a different model for each of the 12 holidays that I am featuring in this calendar.  If you are  interested in this paid work click here.