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Portfolio development

Let me take a minute to explain my philosophy on portfolio development. I feel it's important that a model has a strong collection of pictures that showcase her, not the photographer. All too often I look an models portfolios for other projects and they're filled with nothing but artistic shots, that are wonderful pictures, but they give me no idea of what the model really looks like. The other problem that I see, in particular in new model’s portfolios, is that they are filled with pictures of the model in the same outfit over and over again.

These are a few of the reasons why I suggest that the new model (or for that matter the veteran who is trying to update) should start out with a studio shoot in front of several different colored backgrounds. The model should be showcased wearing a wide variety of outfits with differing hairstyles, makeup, and accessories, if possible. I would suggest at least three to four different looks for each of the categories that the model is interested in working in. Whether the category is casual, fitness, fashion, swimwear, lingerie, or nude work, the key is to show the models versatility.   For examples of basic portfolio work please click here.

After this basic portfolio is developed a perspective photographer will be able to look at it and judge the model on her merits, not the photographers. After this solid base is achieved the model will be able to easily intersperse their portfolio with some of the finer shots done by other photographers. For pricing information please contact me by clicking here.

Artistic Work

My real passion and artistic release in photography is in the area of artistic style nudes. Whether that be black and white with varying lighting and contrast, or imaginative color locations shots I truly enjoy working in this genre, for examples of this type of work click here. I find that the female form in its natural state is truly one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. My work in this area is usually on either a TFCD (The models time for a CD of select images, and permission to use the pictures for self promotion), or at times I will pay exceptional models for their services. For information on what I look for in models as well as how to apply please click here.